Health Furniture and Equipment

Over the years Vincal S.r.l. has gained specific knowledge and experience in the field of Furniture and Sanitary Equipment

Indeed over the decades Vincal has followed projects and orders both for public and private market, with the staging of entire specialist departments, clinics and polyclinics. The value of our designers, the quality of materials and products, the respect of delivery times: all of which have led Vincal Srl to be a nationwide reference point in the supply of Sanitary and hospital equipment. Below the different area that constitute the category Health Furniture and Equipment.

  • Furniture and equipment for delivery room
  • Cabinets on wheels
  • Emergency trolleys, Anesthesia trolleys, Medical records trolleys, Service trolleys, etc.
  • Standard and high-tech anti-decubitus mattresses
  • Rental services Mattresses for bedsores
  • Motorized systems for transporting hospital beds or trolley trains
  • Systems for the transfer of stretcher-bed patients, bed-beds, etc.
  • Lifters for patients on fixed frames and on wheels

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  • Pharmacy cabinets
  • Cabinets for storing medicines or medical devices
  • Equipment for mortuary rooms
  • Shower stretchers
  • Specialized stretchers, fixed height and variable height stretchers
  • Emergency carts and medication
  • Carts and cupboards with hinged doors or roll-up doors
  • Computerized shopping carts for drug management
  • Multi-function trolleys
  • Trolleys for medicinal distribution and therapies
  • Trolleys for collection, transport, storage and linen distribution
  • Folder trolleys
  • Bedpan
  • Specialist examination chairs

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  • IV pole
  • Specialist stretchers
  • Service trolleys and container carriers
  • Anesthesia trolleys
  • Outpatient and specialist lamps
  • Scialitic lamps
  • Delivery beds
  • Equipped walls and shelving
  • Specialist sessions for operators
  • Infusion defrosting and heating systems
  • Patient heating systems
  • Stainless steel systems and accessories for operating theaters
  • Systems and accessories for sterilization centers
  • Operating tables
  • Serving tables and mother tables

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  • Laboratory benches
  • Chemical hoods and laminar flow hoods
  • Centrifuges
  • Refrigerators
  • Incubators
  • Microscopes
  • Thermostats

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  • Equipment for dentistry and orthodontics
  • Mills
  • Consumables Equipment
  • Surgical instrument

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