About Us

Vincal is a company operating in the healthcare market, with well-established local and international experience. We are specialized in medical devices, electromedical, orthopedic devices and surgical instruments procurement.

About Vincal

Healthcare and Medical Supplies since 1952

Vincal was established in 1952. Our growth has been continuous over the years: we have increased our presence in the country and intensified our international relationships and trades. During the years, we have also been involved in significant projects over developing countries and in international areas distinguished by health emergencies.

Thanks to our high technological know-how, our strong relationships with health professionals (doctors and nurses) and our partner network, Vincal is able to provide customized and high-tech products for our clients. Our mission is to provide the best price/quality ratio.

Vincal: we care of you since 1952

  • 1952: Vincal was established. At the beginning we concerned ourselves with import and distribution of surgical instruments and sutures from West Germany
  • 1952-1990: The growth has been steady over the decades. The marketed products’ amount rised considerably, so as the increase of our presence in Italy
  • In the 90’s Vincal intensified the international experiences, working and trading with the main European countries, Asia and United States
  • Since 2005 Vincal has increased its commitment in health emergency area of Asia and Africa
  • 2010: Vincal joined the Acquistinretepa.it e-procurement portal, consolidating its own role as supplier for the main local health boards and hospitals in Italy
  • 2016: Vincal launched its own ecommerce of Healthcare and Medical Supplies MedicoShop.it on the Italian market

Company Certifications

Vincal S.r.l. is an UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012 company certified. Read more

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