Medical Forniture: partnership between Vincal and Promotal

Rome – Am international partnership was signed between Vincal and Promotal, in the field of medical forniture and equipment. Vincal will be retailer for the Middle Italy area.

Promotal was founded in 1963 in France and it stands out from the beginning as a company at the forefront being among the first manufacturers to use stainless steel in the manufacture of hospital furniture.

Today Promotal offers complete solutions for medical examination offices, integrating not only examination couches, but also stools, lamps and sterilisers.


The Promotal Medical Fornitures quality is guaranteed  by the collaboration with a medical committee made up of health professionals from different medical specialities, develops innovative solutions and validates them before launch. All the Promotal products are made in France.

Medical Forniture and Equipment Promotal

  • Examination Couches
  • Gynaecological Tables
  • Medical Steriliser
  • Sampling Chair
  • Office Forniture
  • Hospital


Apparecchiature Sanitarie Promotal - Lettino Ginecologico mod. ELITE

Promotal Medical Forniture – Gynaecological Table mod. ELITE


One of the best examples of Promotal Medical Fornitures quality is represented by the ELITE Gynaecological Table.  Here is a brief summary of the technical features.

  • Variable height (from 54cm to 115cm)
  • Extremely versatile: gynecology, urology, proctology
  • Wide choice of upholsteries
  • Choice of: Stirrups, Goeppel, Foot rest
  • Patient weight capacity 200kg


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