Reanibex 500 semi-automatic Defibrillator Monitor

Monitor Defibrillatore Semiautomatico Reanibex 500Monitor Defibrillatore Semiautomatico Reanibex 500

The main features of Reanibex 500 semi-automatic Defibrillator Monitor can conclude with 3 words: robust, compact, intuitive.

The defibrillator Reanibex 500 produced by Bexen Cardio – Spanish company with over 30 years experience in the field of cardiology – is one of the most reliable tools for being used in emergency situations.

Easy and Intuitive. Ready to use

Thanks for its high color display 5.7 “, you can monitor the ECG signal and the percentage of blood oxygenation – SpO2 (optional). The progress bar is always on, even with the instrument off or power cut.

The keyboard is made exclusively of the necessary keys to perform the most common functions, so as not to confuse the user or lengthen the time of execution.

2 convenient USB ports allow you to easily connect the Reanibex 500 Semiautomatic and Manual Defibrillator Monitor to the PC and a memory stick. The internal memory can store ECG signal of all events and sound (AED mode only) up to 4GB.

Robust and lightweight, compact design  (290x245x100 mm)can carry Monitor Defibrillator Semi Reanibex 500 to anywhere comfortably.


Technical Features of Reanibex 500 Semiautomatic Defribrillator Monitor

  • Maximum of biphasic manual and AED defribrillator: 360 Joules
  • Lightweight device with monitoring diagnostic capabilities(IEC 60601-2-27)
  • High color display 5.7 “
  • 3 leadwire patient cable
  • Synchronized Cardioversion
  • Optional Non invasive Pacemaker
  • Universal AED algorithm for adult and paediatric patients.
  • Optional SpO2 Pulse Oximetry with Masimo SET technology
  • Automatic daily self testing: always ensures that the device is ready for use
  • CPR International guidelines (2010 guidelines ERC / AHA)
  • USB connections (2 ports)
  • Two battery options: non rechargeable and rechargeable


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